All I ever do in daylogs is whine about the same old girl...

...Long, dramatic pause...

As if today would be any different?

Late at night, I visit her webpage and see her photos.
In my head I sing this:

	I found a picture of you
	Those were the happiest days of my life
	Like a break in the battle was your part
	In the wretched life of a lonely heart

My e-mail remains unanswered, and not cared for.  I sing:

	So I look in your direction
	But you pay me no attention
	Do you?

	I know you don't listen to me
	Because you say you see right through me
	Don't you?


	So you know how much I need you
	But you never even see me with you

I get drunk.  I get depressed.  I put on Yellow by Coldplay.  What I always considered to be our song.

And then how could anyone love me whose life is so typical and cliche that it can be summed up by a list of songs? I can't even just define my own life without such crutches. I guess I can't blame you for losing interest in that case.