The harbor was dark and the captain was
asleep, soundly.
Like a theif in the stillness, a boy cried out for his

Baby blue was black and the royal was blacker and
when they pressed on tomorow the skies
would change course with them.

The Harbor was safe and the captain lay sleeping.
The noise of the footsteps was not to be heard.
The others were basking in dreams of illusions and
the waters were lapping against the bow like a

Harbor, please save me and wake up the captain.
The foorsteps are louder, the watchman is dead.
The course has been changed and the 'times are a-changin',
I've conquered my demons and keep them under my bed.

Where is my mother, I long to be in her and
wombs are like saviors and the birth cannot lie.
I've lost all my mothers and illusions are crackers
that go down quite well with a bit of this tide.

The Harbor has lost me. The footsteps are on me
the others aren't sleeping, the captain is sleeping;
he'll go down with his ship before the night ends.

The Harbor is safe and the black is upon me.
The Harbor is full and the captain sleeps on.
The Harbor is safe and the black is within me.
The Harbor, palms up, says I must move on.

The Harbor is safe and the black seems to fill me.
The Harbor can't fight the footsteps and tide.
The Harbor is mother is womb is my savior.
The Harbor turns backwards and says birth has lied.
The Harbor is safe and I'm drowning in blackness.
The Harbor is dark and the captain is still.
The Harbor is drowning, the footsteps have broken.
The Harbor is captain is sleeping is the blackness is
filling me up
and I'd be safe in the Harbor
the palms, they are bleeding,
the holes,they are drowning the others within.

The Harbor is dark and quiet and the captain is
sleeping, soundly.
Like a theif in the stillness, I cry out for my