Well if you must ask, my girlfriend just, and I mean 7:32 p.m. PST on Sep. 12, 2000, locked my keys in my trunk! I was being nice to her by picking her up from ROP, but there was one catch, she had to sit in my car for 2 and a half hours while I was in my Computer Networking ROP. She said fine so I'm here at my work station when she comes screaming in the door, grabs me, and takes off to my car. She stops infront of it and said that she locked my keys in my trunk. Well I drive a '96 Dodge Neon with no power trunk. So I sit there, thinking as fast as McGuiver (execuse my spelling) and think that I have holes under my carpet behind my rear bench seat. So I take off the antenna from the Neon ahead of me (ironic isn't it) and the flash light from my glove compartment and attempt to snag my keys by the keychain and after many failed attempts, I finally got them. She apologized to me and I kissed her and told her to not to worry, and now you know what to do if it happens again, and I laughed.