Um... life has changed a bit in my life lately... espicially, I will no longer use the term Notable Notables in my day logs, it's not me. so here we go.

the computer is fried
Well, just the CPU. I run a KT7-RAID mother board and it sends .10v more than it says in the BIOS. Well, put it this way... T-Bird+1.85v+.10v=BAD The CPU isn't dead because of the lethal voltage I fed it, but it has lost some things it can do. It can no longer be overclocked further than 1Ghz, it no longer POSTs past 105Mhz FSB. I've lost frame rates in Counter Strike, and Red Alert 2 is down to 640x480 at 32 bit color to be playable. I'm waiting for the Palimino cored Athlons to come out before I purchace a new CPU. It's got 512 L2 Cache and lower power consumption. Better cooling, basicly.

me and robin are back together
Yea, we are, but it's what I want, so it's ok, now. Long drama F'ed me bad, but I'm ok now.

the quality of my write ups is droping...
But coming back slowly. I figure I'll start with day logs and work up to some nodes like The Space-Time Continuum is NO Toy!. Those were the days, but soon, I'll be back. I'LL BE BACK!

i got fired
This had to do with Robin, not fun. My boss was an ass, and I still have no idea why I'm gone.