Ignition is a racing computer game. While not very realistic, it is very pretty and there are lots of nice graphical features. On every track there are lots of obstacles, like trains, waterfalls, and falling boulders, and even an avalanche.

On Ignition there are seven tracks:

  • Moosejaw Falls
  • Gold Rush
  • Snake Island
  • Lost Ruins
  • Yodel Peaks
  • Cape Thor
  • Tokyo Bullet

There are also 11 cars:

  • Bug
  • Coop
  • Enforcer
  • Redneck
  • Smoke
  • School Bus
  • Evac
  • Banana Car
  • Monster truck
  • Vegas
  • Ignition

The cars and tracks in italics are only available after completing championships at various levels.

Although the game is a very childish one, it is very good fun, and the unusual overhead display is very good. It is possible to multiplay on this game, either in split-screen mode or over a LAN or WAN.