Sir Clough Williams-Ellis is best known as the founder and spirit of Portmeirion, a place so beautiful that it was used as the setting for the sixties cult TV show 'The Prisoner'. He started this project in 1926, and did not announce its completion until more than fifty years later, when he was in his nineties. On 31 July 1915 he married Amabel Strachey and they had three children: Susan, a designer who also worked on Portmeirion, Charlotte, a scientist, and Christopher, who was killed in WWII.

Apart from architecture, Williams-Ellis' great passion was for protecting rural Wales and the fight for beauty, what he is famously quoted as describing as "that strange necessity". In his later years, he wrote a few books on the philosophy behind Portmeirion, and he lived at Plas Brondanw, five miles from Portmeirion.