Just think what a useful thing this would be to have in your posession. Just think of what you could use it for. You would be a God, and would have absolute power over all creation. However, as "absolute power corrupts absolutely", you might have a problem with magnetic storage media. Apart from this, you could do things like editing the parameters of eletromagnetism so that parking tickets won't come within three metres of your car. And just think what it would do for your connection speed. If anyone annoyed you, you could just delete their account from the server. As well as these useful features, you could do cool things like edit gravity's parameters to make you float 20cm above the ground, or you could connect the universe to the internet, which is, when you think about it, an interesting concept.

Update 2nd June 2000, 2050 UTC: My comments on the internet are motivated by the idea that maybe there is an inter-universal internet, ignoring the obvious fact that there cannot be more than one universe. And I don't think the universe runs on UNIX or even WinNT. God has his own operating system, probably called Olympus. But I just thought, does it run VNC?