Traffic jams on freeways are common, but they are also common on city streets, especially where numerous traffic lights are concerned. You can also your part to reduce traffic jams on city streets.

One thing that I have noticed is how lethargic and slow people are when accelerating as the light turns green. If I am the first one in line at a red light, I usually find myself way out in front shortly after the light turns green, even though I drive a car with a relatively small four cylinder engine. I have, on more than one ocassion, left a Mitsubishi Eclipse or some other car with way more power than mine in the dust. What the hell is this? I wonder if people realize that if they accelerated at their car's top potential, more people would get through the green light before it turned red again. Why do people spend so much money on fast sports cars if they don't use the power? You don't have to exceed the speed limit to accelerate to a decent speed quickly.

Of course, this isn't only the drivers' fault, there's always the problem caused by traffic lights that don't stay green long enough for everyone waiting to get through.