I have slept with cats a few times and have found the experience to be wonderful. Nothing like a warm furry purring kitty cuddled up to you to give you a wonderful warm fuzzy feeling. However, there is a certain element of risk; sleeping with felines takes some getting used to.

Here's some tips that I've found can help you enjoy a nice warm fuzzy cuddle-companion while you sleep:

  • Don't try to sleep with a really young kitten. You might roll over onto it and kill it. This would be a horrible thing.
  • Don't count on getting much sleep if you're a toss-and-turn type sleeper. If you roll onto the cat he WILL let you know somehow, either by yowling in pain (poor thing) or biting you in the worst possible place. The cat usually then runs off at high speed so you wake up wondering what the *@#(%* happened. Amusingly, the cat usually hops in bed with you again a few minutes afterwards.
  • If you are allergic to cats, even in the slightest way, don't do this. Even if you can stand having cats in your home, sleeping with catfur up your nose may not agree with you. YMMV.
The downsides suck, but cuddling up with a warm purring cat is an experience that's hard to beat. The hardest thing to get over, in my experience, is worrying about possibly hurting the cat in your sleep.
To those of you who were expecting to find something disgusting here... Ha Ha!