I was thoroughly addicted to this game, and would play it for hours on my Apple II plus when I was a kid. I knew that I was building logic circuits, being a computer geek. I eventually solved all the puzzles in Rocky's Challenge, and discovered lots of fun little quirks in the game.

Here are some of the quirks that I discovered:
  • If you pick up Rocky while he's dancing, and hold onto him, he will find himself unable to disappear again. You can drop him and he will remain in the room with you as long as you want.
  • You can hook the output of a circuit up to the inputs that let you select which game you want to play in Rocky's Challenge. It was fun to try to hook these inputs up to a delay circuit and then start up the circuit, run up to the room where the game resides, and watch it change before your eyes.
  • There is a room in the game where you can design your own puzzle. It was labelled "Make your own". When you select the input that chooses Make your Own, the door to the building area opens and you can go through. Of course, enterprising hackers like myself can hook up some delay circuitry to the an input above Make your Own. We activate it, choose make your own and walk into the building area, and get locked in. Little point to it, but hilarious in any case.
  • In "3. Logic Gates", there is an alligator. You can construct fun and interesting machines to bop the alligator. He will eat you if you let him. If you pick him up, you can take him out of his room and carry him all over the place. He will snap back if you let him go, though.
  • If you connect wires to an input on a wall, such as the one used to select games in rocky's challenge, or the one that's used to start the game, and you try to pick up the wires, you can move them around, but they quickly fall out of your grasp. They stay where you drop them, though, and are, apparently, still connected, as if you turn on the input the current will still flow to the wall jack.

That's all I can remember. If anyone else has fun memories of this game, post them!