One of the most irritating uses for Javascript ever concocted, right next to pop-up window advertising. The script keeps you from right-clicking on the web page, displaying a dialog box when you attempt to. Other versions of the script keep the context menu from appearing entirely. This is extremely annoying to a web user that uses right click a lot to open links in new windows and go forward and back.

No right-click scripts are an attempt to keep people from "stealing" web content. They are ineffective, as they are easily worked around, but people use them anyway. They are an abuse of Javascript; if you were planning on using them, PLEASE DON'T.

Of course, the only reason these scripts work at all is because of poor thinking in browser design. Javascript should never be able to override context menus, and if for some reaons it would be cosmetic to do so, this should be overridable, for instance with a ctrl + right-click.