Lokar is a well-spoken, gigantic locust with an affinity for rolling his Rs and "intelligent-sounding" polysyllabic words. He is a member of the Council of Doom and an enemy of Space Ghost.

Lokar first appeared on the original Space Ghost and Dino Boy, in Lokar, King of the Killer Locusts (1966). This was his one appearance on the show, and was not a member of the original Council of Doom.

Lokar has had a better career on Space Ghost Coast to Coast. He is superbly voiced by the talented Andy Merrill, and much of the appeal of Lokar lies in the delivery of his lines. Lokar does not get along well with Zorak, probably out of jealousy of his fellow insect. He has appeared on 12 episodes, although in Boatshow his only line was "I didn't have any lines today." He has appeared as a host twice, during Le Livre D'Histoire and Pilot.

Episodes in which Lokar has appeared:
A Space Ghost Christmas
President's Day Nightmare
Le Livre D'Histoire
Switcheroo (1996)
Waiting for Edward