Freakazoid had 24 episodes in all, 13 in its first season, and 11 in the second. However, only 22 episodes aired on Kids WB!, with episodes 207(20) and 211(24) first airing on Cartoon Network.

Complete Episode list (thanks to the Digital Archive Project's Master List):
101( 1) Dance of Doom
102( 2) Candle Jack
103( 3) Mo-Ron
104( 4) And Fan Boy Is His Name
105( 5) Foamy the Freakadog
106( 6) The Chip (Acts I-III)
107( 7) The Chip (Act IV)
108( 8) Hot Rods from Heck
109( 9) Relax-O-Vision
110(10) In Arms Way
111(11) Next Time, Phone Ahead
112(12) House of Freakazoid
113(13) The Wrath of Guitierrez
201(14) Dexter's Date
202(15) The Freakazoid
203(16) Mission Freakazoid
204(17) A Matter of Love
205(18) Virtual Freak
206(19) Hero Boy
207(20) Freak-a-Panel
208(21) The Island of Dr. Mystico
209(22) Statuesque
210(23) Two Against Freak
211(24) Normadeus

If waiting for Cartoon Network to air your favorite episode, much less any episode at all, of Freakazoid, is too much, there is an alternative method of getting your fix of Freakazoid. All episodes of both seasons have been digitally archived in high quality MPEG4 format by the DAP, or Digital Archive Project, which can be found at