Sequel to Super Monkey Ball, by Sega. This game mostly continues the tradition of the original, with some additions. There are added courses in regular mode, but the biggest addition is that there are now twelve mini-games, instead of only a few. Party games that are in the sequel:

  • Monkey Golf - This has been changed to be more like regular golf, instead of mini-golf. A change for the worse, in my opinion. It's much more fun in the original.

  • Monkey Target - My personal favorite from the original. I like it just as much in the sequel, if not better. Additions include new powerups, such as multipliers, brakes, and a magnet powerup. However, they took out the Wheel of Doom.

  • Monkey Billiards - This one pretty much stays the same, with some added game modes: US 9 Ball, Japan 9 Ball, Rotation, and Traditional 8 Ball.

  • Monkey Fight - Pretty much the same, as well. They added a new Iron Glove powerup that makes the game extremely cheap, because whoever gets the iron glove usually wins.

  • Monkey Bowling - Much better than in the original. New lanes are a lot better, and have gimmicks to them. Curved lanes, lanes with hills, wavy lanes, etc. Very enjoyable.

  • Monkey Race - Mario Kart-esque racing. You roll around and avoid obstacles while doing your best to hinder your opponents' attempts to reach the goal first.

  • Monkey Shot - Pretty much a generic arcade-style shooting game. Each player has their own crosshair, and you shoot things. Kind of like House of the Dead or Time Crisis, in a sense. But without the gun, and without a lot of the fun.

  • Monkey Boat Race - A new one. You control your raft with the L and R triggers. So, in a sense, it's Monkey Race, but harder to control. As in Monkey Race, there are items you can use to your advantage, such as whales, whirlpools, or turning your raft into a submarine.

  • Monkey Tennis - Very reminiscent of Virtua Tennis, also by Sega. It plays pretty much the same.

  • Monkey Soccer - This one's odd. Basically, it's a really basic soccer type game, playing it is very confusing. You can't switch players, and you can't control your goalie. This makes for a rather frustrating game.

  • Monkey Dog Fight - You float around, somewhat like you do in Monkey Target. But this time, you don't descend, and your goal is to shoot your opponents down. To put it basically: it's monkey deathmatch.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention something. Super Monkey Ball 2 actually has a plot. Yes, in the story mode, Dr. BAD-BOON robs Monkey Isle of all its bananas. Aiai, Meemee, Baby and Gongon are thus entrusted with the task of bringing the glorious Dole-brand Bananas home.