Of course, now that the latest versions of Optimoz have built-in support for custom mouse guestures and a nifty guesture recognition UI, it's trivialy easy to add your own movements and code without even having to touch a config file.

Firstly, you'll need to go to the Optimoz installation page ( http://optimoz.mozdev.org/gestures/installation.html ) and install the latest version.

After you've restarted Mozilla, go into the preferences and navigate your way through the menus to the mouse gesture options (Probably under Advanced > Mouse gestures. If you're using Phoenix Firebird Firefox, it's under Tools > Options > Extensions > Mouse Gestures. Thanks, Damodred and MALTP.) and click the "edit mappings" button at the bottom. Click "browser" in the new dialogue that appears, and then "new". Type "RULDR" in the gesture code box (or use the neat "recognize" function to draw a square-ish lowercase "e") and change the function type to "custom". For the custom code you can either use CamTarn's Javascript as above, or the stuff below, which will search for text that's currently hihlighted.


Either way, drop the code into the "custom Javscript code" box, give the function a name, like "Search E2", and click the OK buttons until all the option screens go away. From there, you can highlight some text, then draw a block "e" shape (right, up, left, down, right) to do the search. That's it!

Many, many Javascripts were harmed in bringing you this writeup. They had it coming.