Deus Ex : Weapons : Baton

Base damage: 7
Base accuracy: 50%
Rate of fire: N/A
Accurate range: N/A (melee)
Max. range: N/A
Ammo type(s): N/A
Clip size: N/A
Reload time: N/A
Skill: Low tech
Inventory room: 1 square

A heavy telescoping baton, similar to the riot prod in that it's a non-lethal weapon. This can sometimes take down a non-augmented (mech or nano) humanoid in one hit, if it's a headshot. If not, you're in for a fight as they either head for an alarm sounder panel or try to kill you. There's really only one time in the game when you'll use this (breaking out of jail), and it's only useful until you've clubbed the guard unconcious and stolen his knife. The better choice is the crowbar (or the swords), or if you have to go non-lethal, the prod.

Usually found on riot police or MJ12 troopers. Although it does more damage than the knife, it's less useful due to the slower attack rate.