My first ever DeadJournal entry. I was so proud. I received three positive comments from people I know (except for mollusc who saw fit to rebuke me because I'd committed the ultimate sin of using spelling and grammar).

My First DeadJournal Entry

Yes, I know. Not very original title. But it's practical and at this point in my journal writing (ie. the beginning), I don't really need to go overboard with the crazy creativity. Plenty of time for that later on.

It's official - Wednesday is indeed the crappiest day of my week. Not only is it right smack bang in the middle of the week, but I have a full day of lessons and none of them are fun. Which sucks no end, let me tell you. But the good news is that it's over now and now I'm in the school's computer lab listening to MP3s, noding on Everything2 and chatting with people back home.

Sometimes I miss people back home in Australia, mostly because they're so far away from me and I can't just call them or drop over to their house and chat. Sometimes it's hard to deal with that fact and other days it's OK, it's something you can handle. Just talked to Mike today, which has lifted my spirits a bit. It's actually really nice just to know people are alive back home, even if you don't learn much about what's going on. It gives you reassurance that your home is still there and will still be there when you get back. A good feeling, indeed.

One thing that does irritate me is that some people haven't sent me any emails for a while. Some, in fact, haven't sent any all year. Now, I can understand if they're busy but it's been nearly 8 months since I left. Surely they'd be able to find one day in eight months to send a quick email about how things are going? Honestly...

And then there's the fact that Sony have introduced a shiny new 10th anniversary MiniDisc recorder for November. Just as I'm going to buy the MZ-N1. Talk about crappy timing. But I'm going to buy it anyway because I'm sick of waiting, if I wait any longer my birthday present will become my Christmas present and I can always buy the future kick-arse model when I'm done with this one. Sorted.

Anyway, I don't really have anything else important or interesting at this time, so that's my lot for today. Got half a day tomorrow and I'm meeting Steve in the afternoon. Sweet.