Author: Matthew Reilly
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The second novel from Australian author Matthew Reilly, Ice Station is an action-packed read from start to finish. I tend to think of Matthew Reilly's book as Jerry Bruckheimer movies on paper - action, well-done. What Reilly lacks in literary finesse and character development he more than makes up for in complex yet engaging plotlines and well-scripted and well-executed action sequences. Of course, as with any action story a certain suspension of disbelief is required (some of the sequences and science involved are somewhat dodgy) and if you are prepared to just sit-back and enjoy the ride then you're in for a great time.

The story begins with two divers from Wilkes Ice Station in Antarctica stumbling upon what appears to be a spacecraft. But before they can radio any further details, they are killed by an unknown force. The remaning scientists back at the Station send a distress signal, which is picked up by a United States Navy cruise ship currently docked in Sydney, Australia for repairs. A United States Marine Corps Marine Force Reconaissance Unit, led by Lieutenant Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield, is dispatched to investigate. Unknown to them, the distress signal has also been picked up by other countries, who send elite military units of their own in order to secure the object. To survive, Scarecrow and his 11-man team must fight off French paratroopers, elite SAS soldiers lead by his former mentor Brigadier-General Trevor J. Barnaby, his own countrymen and even enemies from within.