A year after having been committed and released for psychological instability, Curtis Craig is back to his office job with a new, cynical lease on life. He has a loving (if overbearing) girlfriend, Jocelyn, a best friend and walking gay stereotype, Trevor, and a kinky stalker vaguely-German dominatrix side chick, Therese, all of whom happen to work in the same office. Also in the office is Tom, the well-meaning manager, Bob, Curtis' sworn blood enemy, and Mr. Paul Allen Warner, the company owner.

As the game progresses, Curtis begins having violent hallucinations-- hearing a voice telling him to kill himself and calling him a monster, images of blood and gore everywhere, hearing his pet rat Blob call him a freak, and emails from Hell offering him a job (provided he send in his resume and some goat's blood). Then his coworkers start getting murdered in gruesome and unlikely ways, the authorities suspect Curtis has something to do with the murders-- something not helped by Curtis' history of mental illness. All the while, the voice in his head is telling Curtis that he's the one who did it. And just what is Paul Warner up to in Wyntech's basement. . .

Phantasmagoria 2, released by Sierra On-Line in 1996, is a sci-fi/horror, interactive movie, point-and-click horror "puzzle" game following Curtis as he tries to discover the horrible secrets behind the company he works for, Wyntech. Despite the title, this game has nothing to do with the original Phantasmagoria. However, like the original, Puzzle of Flesh includes sex, drugs, gore, suicide, and other topics that got the game censored and banned back in the day.