Okay okay okay check-in time!

I'm officially a college graduate! Got a BA in English (Prep for Teaching), though my degree won't be posted for another week or two, and the diploma won't be mailed out until July. I have been accepted into the credential program at my school (provided they get my degree-posted transcripts before September) and have a credential advising meeting on the 4th.


I've been promoted at work to "lead" (which is our word for manager). Now I do all the stuff I already did, but with a two dollar raise. My brother, who works with me and is a wiz at the reg and has only been working for about a year, also got a dollar raise. The little snot.

Now I also get to do schedules; if someone can't make it, they tell me instead of my boss and I give the okay and find someone to fill in. Also, if my boss wants us to know something, she tells me and I tell the others, instead if her telling us all individually.


I am currently trying to understand student loans and the TEACH grant and how they work and what I should sign up for.


It's summer so I've been trying to draw more I try to write more, too, but all I ever get are scraps of story I'm too lazy to finish. In the words of my brother, "well duh. You wrote out the fun parts. The rest is filler-- of course you don't want to write it."

Our cockatiels had babies. This is problematic. We took all the bird boxes out so they WOULDN'T have babies. Then they started laying eggs in the food dish and on the ground of the aviary. We took those eggs out, but there was a cardboard box at the bottom of the cage for the quails to sleep in. The cockatiels commandeered the box and laid eggs.

Now there's a single yellow and white baby cockatiel sitting in a pile do quail poop down there. I'm shocked that he's alive, honestly. His parents never hang out with him, so that means they came down from on high, spat the kid out, sat on him for just long enough to get him alive, then left, only returning periodically to feed him. He's the equivalent to the hooker's kid hiding in the next room over, watching TV and not leaving until mummy's "friend" leaves.

I don't know how he's going to learn to fly. We might have to take him inside. Also, we brought in a couple cockatiels who were being bullied and put them in the indoor cage the two parakeets we were given live in. One of the parakeets has developed an infatuation with a cockatiel. They're always feeding each other and preening each other and sitting next to each other.

It's the cutest cross-species romance ever.

On Saturday, a friend of mine (who happens to be a professional photographer) is going to take my pictures at school 'cause my official graduation ones turned out like crap. At graduation, outside behind the stadium, they had us in a line and a canvas set up and just took our pictures when we passed a point in line. It was a rushed mess, AND we were facing the sun. I'm not photogenic at the best of times, and this did not help.

On the 23rd of June, I'm going to Nevada to see Megan. I need this trip so bad. I gotta get out of this place for a bit.

So, that's my lot in life. It's not a lot, but it's my life. :D