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Tomorrow is work and then after work I'm going to [Nevada] for two weeks.

It will be the longest I've ever been away from home. I'm going to visit my friend who moved up [On my birthday, no less.|there last year]. She's come down to visit several times, but I've never gone up there. Her mother and father (who are in town on business) will take me with them on their way back up. My friend, being the savvy person she is, decided NOT to come down with them and so saved herself a five hour car drive. So I get a five hour car drive with her parents. AWKWARD. But don't care: going to Nevada.

I've never left my state before. This is going to be awesome.

Today it's finally hit my mother and sister that I'm going, and they've been super needy and telling me not to go. BUT NOPE I'M TOTALLY GOING.

Also: Just got the scores for the [Writing Skills Test|WST] given to me several weeks ago by my new college. I passed. I was seriously worried I wouldn't pass because part of it was writing an essay in forty five minutes on a topic of their choosing. I went into blind raging panic and scribbled down any old random thing that seemed tangentially related to the topic at hand and by the end I had no idea what I was trying to say and I was freaking out so bad because holy shit I flunked and then they wouldn't let me into the school, and then I'd never get into any college and then I'd wind up [I have nightmares about this. Actual wake-up-crying-can't-breathe nightmares. Not even kidding. |being a homeless person on the street because I'm so stupid and nobody would hire me and my family hates me for being a failure.] But instead I got a 10 out of 12 on the essay part, and 73 out of 75 on the multiple-choice grammar part, so WAHOO YEAH!

Today me, Mom and [Arreter] went to the flea market and then had breakfast at Denny's. We almost never go out all three of us together, so this was surprisingly pleasant, aside from a few fights they got into (Arreter and my mom disagree on what Arr should be focusing on in school). There was a guy outside the flea market giving away a kitten and we ALMOST got him, but then my mother ["WE ALREADY HAVE FIVE!"|snapped out of it] before we could actually take him and ran to the car without us. So no kitten.

And, in order to [SuperMegaNodeFestQuest 2012. Shazam!|kill two birds with one stone], no se como hablar spanish por nada, pero aquĆ­ son palabras extranjeras.