I worked at a Wendy’s for two years when I was in high school. There were a few weird incidents that I can remember.

  • I worked the drive-thru window most of the time. I remember these two customers who rolled down their window to give me their money, and a thick cloud of pot smoke rolled at me, making me cough. I handed them their change, and they offered me a hit from their joint. I said no thanks, and gave them their food. The area inside and outside by my register smelled like pot for the next 10 minutes or so.
  • I was helping close the store one night, and I was cleaning the front of the restaurant where the tables and chairs were. I walked into the back of the restaurant to get a mop, and I heard a pop behind me. I turned around, and one entire window had cracked into a million plexiglass pieces and was starting to fall apart. We don’t know if someone shot it with a BB gun or if it just popped for no reason.
  • One of the guys I worked with for 2 weeks quit for no reason, then was arrested for murder a week after that.
  • One of the guys I worked with now and then on weekends had dropped out from my high school. He came into work one day with big scratches on his arms, so I asked how he got them. He told me that his cat did it. So, I asked him what kind of cat he had since I like cats, and he started telling me about how pretty the cat was. One of my co-workers interrupted us, and we got to work. Later, my co-worker told me that cat-boy was into cats in a sexual way, or so she had heard, and that’s why he had scratches all the time. I’m still not sure if I believe that or not. He got one of the other Wendy’s workers pregnant somehow, and he quit to find another job.
  • Every Saturday when I was working drive-thru, the same police officer came through and ordered iced tea. He liked me for some reason, and always asked me how I was doing. When I told him it was my last day of work before I left for college, he insisted on coming into the restaurant and buying me lunch. My manager couldn’t say no, even though we were a little busy, since he was a cop. It was kind of weird but neat all at once.

When I went to OSU, I worked at a Subway for about a year.

This Subway was close to “frat row”, so there were always drunk frat boys coming in on Saturday night when I worked. One drunk wrote a check for his sandwich about 10 minutes before closing, then sat down to eat his sandwich. I asked for his ID for his check, so I knew he was 19 and not 21. When I had to lock the store up 10 minutes later, I very politely asked him and his buddies to leave. He said no. I asked again very nicely, stating it was store policy. He gave me a boozy stare and started getting belligerent.

I’d had enough. This drunken idiot was making a huge mess all over the tables and floor I’d already cleaned. He wouldn’t leave. So, I got right in his face and said very slowly and calmly,

“You wrote a check for that sandwich. I saw your ID. I know you’re 19, and I know you’re drunk. If you do not get off your ass right now and leave, I will call the police and you will be issued a ticket for MIP and public drunkenness. So, once again, its closing time and I need you to leave.”

He and his friends got up and left without another word.