Please stop whining.

You won’t know if she’s single unless you ask. So, ask.

Don’t sit here and tell us about her and how much you want her. Ask her out. Smile at her. Talk to her.

Go for it.

Personally, I think you’re completely wrong in your assumptions about geek girls. Heck, I think you’re wrong about women in general. Do you really think that all women are shallow and stupid enough to change their entire personality for the affection of a man?

They aren’t.

What is a true geek? Is it the job you do? Is it the way you think about the world? Is it simply having a computer skill? Is it a combination of entertainment choices, such as reading sci-fi versus reading Cosmo?

Define what you want. Look for it. Get it.

Yes, it is that simple.

Improve your attitude. Look confident. Act confident. Be confident.

You’ll find her when you least expect it.