It feels good to be wanted.

I was offered the job that I interviewed for on Tuesday yesterday. Of course, I accepted. As is the norm with many companies, the job is contingent on me passing a drug test and physical. I did the drug test today, and the physical is on Monday. I'm excited. This position means I will be making about $11,000 more per year than I was at my old job. The money isn't everything of course, but it sure helps!

This means many things for me, primarily that I will be able to get out of debt faster than expected since I'll have enough to live on plus pay more per month on certain bills. I will be able to get better health insurance since the company I have right now through my old job is probably the worst insurance company I've ever had to deal with. I will also be able to save up for a new car and possibly a house!

The next couple of weeks will probably be tight money wise since I have barely any money left from quitting my old job, and I do not want to cash out my IRA for tax reasons since I have a job now. I will finish getting some books and other stuff listed on eBay this weekend and hopefully that will provide some extra to tide me over. I'm mainly concerned about the rent and all the other stuff that comes due at the end of the month, and if I'll have a paycheck by that time to pay it. I have plenty of food to eat since my mother made sure I was stocked up with soup for the next decade when I moved out in February. If worse comes to worse, Top Ramen is 5 for $1 at WinCo.

I miss him already.

Alex went away for the weekend to California to visit relatives, and I miss him already. I know, its only for the weekend, and he's back on Monday morning, but still... I miss him already. I have to take care of Alia (his kitty) this weekend, so when I'm over there tomorrow I'm going to use his new scanner to scan the books and CD's I need to put on eBay.

I have things to do this weekend, so at least I won't have time to mope or be pathetic because I miss him. Tonight I'm going to go see Pete and Corey's new apartment, and probably go out for coffee or something with them. Tomorrow morning I'm going to go see my half-sisters play soccer, then go over to my sister's to get her housekeys so I can take care of her cat next week while she's out of town. I am Queen Cat-Sitter it seems since this weekend its Alia, and next weekend its Opus, my sister's cute kitty.

For now, I will bid you all farewell, and get something to eat since my stomach is screaming at me to feed it.

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