It's Friday. Hooray?

I didn't get the job doing technical support. It went to someone else with more UNIX experience. I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad. I didn't really want the job that much, but I wanted to feel needed. I want you to want me, or something like that. I do have an interview for the job I really want on Tuesday. Wish me luck.

I made a big list of things I have to do around my apartment, and I am going to make myself do at least three every day, except possibly the weekend when I spent time with my boyfriend. I succeeded yesterday. I did half the dishes, picked up half the living room, took out the trash/recycling, and cleaned off the dining room table, plus filed away all my paid bills that were piled up. That counts as about four. I'm going to finish the dishes today, scrub the counters, scrub the floor, and begin to tackle the bathroom. Sometimes I wish I was as compulsively neat as my sister is. If not that, then I wish I could afford a maid to do the vacuuming and scrubbing. I hate doing that stuff.

Tonight I am very busy, and of course this means that I get my period this morning. Currently, I feel like total crap, but I am determined that once the Advil kicks in I will get off my ass, away from the computer, and into the swing of things. I really hate being a girl sometimes. I also have to make a semi-emergency run to the drugstore for "supplies". No big deal - I'll just go when I go to the post office to pick up my mail. Having a PO Box is a lot more convenient when you are working. I would just pick up my mail on the way home. Now, I have to make a special trip to get it every day. Oh well, I'm usually going to the PO anyway to mail resumes.

First off tonight - dinner at Mom's house with my boyfriend, my sister, and her AOL boyfriend Todd that she is moving in with. That should be pretty cool, as long as Alex (my boyfriend) is social tonight instead of being quiet. He has a tendency to be quiet and shy around people he doesn't know all that well, even though he's met my mom, sister, and Todd more than once. Hell, he goes over to the auto parts store that Todd works at all the time to get parts for his Dodge. I just want him to participate more and be happy. I want my mom and sister to see the Alex I know, which is a funny, silly, and very cool guy to be with.

Second thing tonight - housewarming party at Aaron's house. Aaron is Alex's best friend. I like Aaron a lot. He is very cool, funny, and seems to like me. He likes me enough to get my PO Box number from Alex and send me an invitation instead of just telling Alex to bring me along. I thought that was very cool. The invitations were a parody of the old Tales from the Crypt comics. I loved it. Let's hope that Celeste (Aaron's girlfriend) is nice to me tonight. Every time we go out and do something with Aaron and Celeste, Celeste basically pretends that I don't exist. I've tried very hard to be nice to her, but her hipper-than-thou attitude really bugs me, and half the time I haven't seen the movies or read the books that she insists on talking about. Alex usually has, and of course Aaron has, which leaves me sitting there being quiet and feeling left out. Hopefully, this won't be that bad since there will be lots of people there, but who knows - it might be a whole crowd of hipper-than-thou people and I'll be miserable the whole night. I'm determined to make the best of it though.

Here's another reason why this party could get nasty - one of Alex's ex-girlfriends who is still kind of hung up on him might be there. The last party that Celeste had, I was not allowed to come to because this girl (Stevie I think her name is) was going to be there and Celeste and Stevie are friends, and she didn't want Stevie upset. I tried really hard not to let that get to me, but it did anyway. Talk about childish - geez... you'd think that we were all teenagers in high school, but no, I'll probably be one of the youngest people there and I'm 27. Here's the other thing that's childish about this - Alex and Stevie broke up over a year ago. They broke up about 6 months before he met me, and we've been together about 10 months. All I have to say is GET OVER HIM ALREADY! I'm coming to this party since its at Aaron's place, Aaron likes me, and I think Alex made it clear the last time that the idea of not letting me come to the party was not cool.

I will put on my best nice-girl face and be pleasant to everyone. I will try not to feel fat and stupid around a bunch of skinny hipster girls. I will not get drunk and say rude things. I will only have one drink since drinking will probably not go well with my medications.

I got the rest of the clothes I ordered online in the mail yesterday. I still need to try them all on and hope that I don't have to send them back. I will do that after I do all my cleaning around the house and take a shower. Perhaps I will then have the perfect hipster outfit to wear tonight. Probably not though. Blah.

I'll attempt to write a day log this weekend and spew forth the party details and any fun stories if there are any. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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