It's pouring rain again, just as it has been for the last couple of days. Usually, it doesn't rain hard like this in Portland. It just drizzles steadily until the entire city looks like its surrounded by a grey mist.

My husband keeps finding leaks in the house where water is seeping in and running down the walls. So far, he's found three leaks, and we aren't sure how to stop them. Any patching to fix the leaks would need to be done under dry conditions, and dry conditions won't really occur again until summer unless we're lucky. This house is really neat, but we keep finding problems, usually involving remodeling jobs done by amateurs. Our real estate agent called things like that "remuddling" instead of remodeling. The leaks are coming from where the addition was built and from the shoddy skylight in the bathroom. People really should shell out the money and have professionals do remodeling work.

George Harrison died and that makes me sad. So, I'm listening to the Beatles mixed with the sound of pouring rain. Its appropriately depressing. I hope that he didn't suffer too much in the end. Cancer is a bitch, and a lot of the time, you end up in pain. Hopefully he's in a better place now.

My sister-in-law has breast cancer. She had surgery last month, and is recovering well. However, the cancer they found is a rare form and much harder to treat than they thought. So, her second round of chemo and radiation is going to be stronger and longer than originally thought. All her hair fell out in September from the chemo. She had thick, long hair that was absolutely gorgeous. But, being the person she is, she dealt with it, bought a nice wig, and kept on with her life. She is in school part time and goes salsa dancing just about every weekend. She's 32 years old. My husband went and saw her last weekend and said that she was thinner and paler than he's ever seen her. She's tired, worn out, and hasn't gone dancing in a couple of weeks.

I keep hoping that everything will be OK, but I can't help but worry that it won't.