I am thankful today.

Thanksgiving went pretty well. Better than I expected. The food was good, my mother didn't quiz me about getting a job, and the house looked nice. I worried too much yesterday, and now I feel dumb.

I sliced a chunk of my thumb off a few weeks ago, and now the scab wants to come off. I will not pick at it. I will not pick at it. I will not pick at it!

Watched "It's Alive" tonight for the first time. Mutant babies and Thanksgiving go well together. I'm glad we don't have any babies around here. One weird cat is good enough for me.

I am determined to celebrate "Buy Nothing Day" tomorrow, but its looking like I may have to leave the house and go to dinner. I don't think that counts though. I refuse to set foot near any malls tomorrow. Of course, my mother and sister are rarin' to go shopping tomorrow. Thankfully, they did not expect me to go with them.

I am thankful for lots of things this year. I need to focus on that for the next month as we rocket through the Christmas madness and try to avoid letting the world get to me. It's hard to do, but that's all we can do.