Wrote this on a laptop a while ago - posting it now.
I'm writing this while sitting outside in my little backyard area. I have a folding chair with a built in footrest and an old Omnibook on my lap. It was sunny today - about 78 degrees or more. Its really hot inside, but back here there is a nice cool breeze. I also have the comforting sound of the wind in the trees.

Unfortunately, I can also hear the sounds of the highway, which is not far from here. I can also hear the sounds of a family fighting in one of the houses nearby. I wish that I lived out in the country near a forest, where I could sit and just listen to trees and wind, and not hear the annoying dog that barks constantly. I would not miss the highway noise, or the children screaming and yelling down the road.

Of course, now that we are getting close to the 4th of July, there are fireworks. I live in Washington state, where most fireworks are legal. There will be lots of booms and crackles on Tuesday, which wouldn't bother me if I didn't have to work on Wednesday. I am glad to have both the holiday and the day before off though. I don't want to sound like such an old lady, but I guess as I have become older I appreciate the sounds of quiet and peace more than I appreciate the hustle and bustle of living in a city.

I am enjoying this moment of peace after the day from hell that I had today. Sitting back in my chair and looking up at the blue sky puts things into some sort of perspective that I can't explain. The rustle of the leaves comforts of me. And now that I've gained this minor moment of clarity and can set aside the hell of my day, a siren from the major street 4 blocks away breaks the calm, and that's all I can hear instead of the leaves.