Work is work. Such is life. Onward I must go. Towanda!

I enjoyed my evening with my boyfriend. We went out to dinner, went to the craft store so I could get a poster hanger thingee, and went back to my place to watch a movie. We watched Withnail and I, which is a somewhat obscure British black comedy. My boyfriend loves this movie. I only found it mildly funny, which I think disappointed him. I like other Richard E. Grant movies, like How To Get Ahead In Advertising, so I don’t think it was the actors. I think that I was just tired since I haven’t been sleeping well.

One would think that some good sex would help you sleep at night. I guess not. I had yet another restless night of dreams I can’t remember. I can vaguely remember Michael Douglas being in one dream, and it was like a movie and he was playing the role of my father. At any rate, I don’t remember enough to turn it into a dream log entry. I am thinking of taking a day off and spending it sleeping.

My cousin Mike and his wife had triplets last month. I just read his website today and the pictures of the kids are finally posted. He also bought a Ford Excursion, the biggest SUV available today because of the kids. Needs the space to haul them around, he says. Whatever. Gas hogs that take up way too much space. He should have bought a minivan with that logic. Then, at least he’d get better fuel economy. I guess he doesn’t care since he lives in Texas near all the oil wells. Who knows. My family is weird.

I wrote an outraged letter to the Olive Garden while I was at work today. I guess I am just tired of going there and getting the same crappy service partnered with the same crappy atmosphere and the same crappy birthday song sung at high volume while I attempt to converse with my family. I have become the queen of outraged customer letters. As a result of the last couple ones I wrote, I have received coupons for free things. Mind you, I don’t write these letters just for free stuff, I do it because I need to get it off my chest. Nothing can change unless I let the offending parties know about it. Or something.

I’m a little nervous to get my fitness evaluation done after work. It needs to be done though because I want to be healthier. I really do. I do not want to end up in a wheelchair at age 50 because my joints hurt or something like that. I’m just not looking forward to getting the fat pinchers put on me. I’ve had that done before when I had to take a health class in college, and it sucked.

Tonight I am going to find my postcards and possibly make some custom ones to send to some people on the Everything Mailing Address Registry list that have writings I enjoy. This should be fun. I think I’ll need to stop and get some glue though. Hmm... collages could be fun. Now I’m excited. :) Something new and creative to do.

The domain name I bought is almost complete. I got word from my hosting service that my account is ready, and they are working on completing the transaction with Network Solutions to actually buy the domain name. Hooray! I’m excited.

Nodes That I Wrote Today That Smell Like French Fries:
You only live once, so have an ice cream bar
dirty look – I can’t believe this wasn’t noded yet!
putting on her makeup - still can't decide if this is good or not

CD’s I’ve Listened To Today:
Gridlock – The Synthetic Form
The Cure – Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
Liz Phair - Exile in Guyville

You make me hungry for you.