Its Tuesday in my world and Tuesday means boyfriend day. My boyfriend usually comes over to my apartment on Tuesdays. So, I’ll probably be going out to dinner tonight with my boyfriend. If not out, then I’ll cook him something yummy. He always likes my cooking. Even when I know its sub-par, he’ll tell me its good. He’s so wonderful. :)

I still didn’t sleep well for the nth time last night. I keep having weird dreams that I can’t remember when I wake up. I vaguely remember having one that involved a lot of indigo and sepia toned places. I wish I could remember more because it would probably be a clue to where I need to be mentally or something.

I don’t feel as depressed today as I have for the last few days. I don’t know what has changed to make me feel this way, as the situation hasn’t changed. It’s weird, but I don’t think it would be good to overanalyze it. Maybe its just the little bonus of getting a postcard from Segnbora-t in my mailbox. I’m not sure. It was an unexpected surprise that made me grin.

Still looking for a job. Anyone know of any companies in the Portland area looking for a desktop tech or website proofreader? If so, check my home node and email me if you want. Thanks in advance.

Had a vendor fair at work today. I got to see some cool stuff up close and personal, plus I got a new squishy toy for my desk. It was a nice break from the tedious boring place that is my current job.

I have an appointment at a health club tomorrow for a fitness evaluation. I’m going to talk with a personal trainer and get my body fat pinched so we can design a program to get me back into shape. I need to lose about 50 pounds or so IMHO. If not that much, then at least enough so I can wear all my shorts again. Ugh. Ah well... I guess it could be worse. At least the health club is free. That’s one small benefit of working for this company.

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CD’s I’ve Listened To Today:
Flossie and the Unicorns – LMNOP
MuslimgauzeFakir Sind
Various Artists – Real World records 10 out of 10 compilation
Elliot SmithXO
Front 242 - Tyranny For You
Controlled Bleeding - Penetration

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