When I was 23, I was struggling with the end of college. Trying to finish. Hoping I could finish. Wishing I hadn’t screwed up so much 3 years earlier.

I did it.

When I was 23, I had hopes and dreams of being a famous DJ. Syndicated radio was what I wanted to be in. I wanted my name to be known everywhere. "The female Howard Stern" was what my mom would joke about. She wanted me to be a success.

I didn’t do it.

When I was 23, I had a major mental breakdown. My life was upside down and turned around. It seemed like my college degree meant nothing. Nothing. I couldn’t find a job I liked and I was living at home with my mother.

I got through it.

When I was 23, things were not that great. I’m 27 now. I live alone in my own apartment. I have a decent life. I got through the worst of it and I am a stronger person as a result.

I was somebody when I was 23. I am somebody right now at 27. I may not be famous, but I am somebody.

I am me.