Ground Kontrol is a chain of arcades in Portland, Oregon. They have only 80's video games and pinball machines in their arcades, as well as a selection of 80's candy, Atari 2600 machines and cartridges, and other various items.

The games are in pretty good shape, and all of them cost a quarter to play, just like in the 80's. I miss the days of 25 cent video games, unlike the $.50 to $1 games now. They don't charge you admission to the arcade either, so you definitely get your money's worth.

Some of the games they have:

And so many more!

They have two locations in Portland at this time. One is downtown at 612 SW 12th (near Alder) and the other is in Southeast at 3409 SE Hawthorne. If you remember playing the old games and want to play them again, Ground Kontrol is the place to visit!