Last night I spent some time on ICQ talking with my ex-boyfriend since we are still pretty good friends. Of course, this means that I had a dream about him last night.

Yet another summer camp dream. My ex and I are working at the camp together, and its the end of the season. We go to someone's house in Boston while waiting for our plane the next day with a bunch of other people. The whole summer I've been faithful to my current boyfriend, but at the end of three months of camp without seeing him, of course I'm really "missing him" if you get my meaning. So, we're at this house with a bunch of people, and my ex and I start talking and decide that he will change his ticket and come to Portland with me to visit for a while. I get upset about something, and he takes my hand and holds it. The girl that he had been messing around with all summer comes out of a back room, and sees us, then runs off. He doesn't go after her. He just sits and looks at me very intently.

So, I ask him about the girl. He says something really callous about how she was just a "hole" and she meant nothing. (I have to note here, this is totally not like my ex at all, which is why the detail stands out in my head) Then, he starts going on and on about how much he misses me and regrets our breakup. I just sit there and stare at him, amazed at what he's saying. Then, the girl's friend, who turns out to be this girl I used to work with, comes over and says that everyone has to leave the house. Its late at night, there is a storm outside, and our plane doesn't leave until the next day. Everyone is in shock that this girl is making us leave. Then, she comes out of the back room and says, "Everyone except "Bob" has to go!". "Bob" is my ex.

So, I start packing up my stuff and getting ready to go. I get on the phone and call some hotels, and get one, then call a cab. My ex comes in and whispers to me that he's coming with me. The cab shows up, and we get in and go to the hotel. Things get extremely steamy from here on out, and I woke up before my alarm this morning with the sheets all tangled around me, feeling aroused and guilty all at once.

I guess I shouldn't feel guilty, since I didn't actually cheat on my boyfriend in real life, and I doubt I would even if my ex did come to town and tried to seduce me. Still, even if it did just happen in my head, having sex dreams about ex-boyfriends makes me feel weird.