Strange dreams of the summer camp I worked for in 1994. In my dream, it was a summer camp, yet it was also the campus of the college in Minnesota my boyfriend went to.

I fought with someone about who was coloring a picture the best. I thought his color scheme was garish and annoying, while mine was clearly superior. We took it to a teacher to decide. I won out, and stuck my tongue out at the guy. His head turned into a demon head, snarled at me, then he ran away.

Then I was driving along a long highway in a VW Beetle that was painted with the Red Bull logo. I think this was in Maine, although I don't remember a highway like this in Maine. I was driving very fast, passing all the cars. There were big round rocks in the road, like river rocks, and I swerved around them. I thought I should go back and move them out of the road, but didn't go back.

I got to camp, and it was the first day. All the kids were arriving in buses and cars. The parents were making sure to tell me to take care of their little girls. I smiled and said sure, then turned to the girls and saw little demons instead. I started running from the camp, back into the forest, looking for the highway to drive again. The branches from the trees were hitting me in the face and hands.

I woke up then, with the sheets and blankets twisted around me and the sun in my eyes.