I had a really lame, messed up dream this morning.

I woke up at 3:15 for some reason, then went back to sleep. I dreamed that I was at a restaurant in a forest with my sister, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, and some random dinner guest. My grandmother ordered applesauce for her, my great-grandmother, and the dinner guest, then put some drugs in each dish. They all ate the applesauce, then started choking.

My sister watched them do this and didn't react at all. I was shocked and asked them what they were doing. My grandma said something like, "Leave me be - I'm ready to go." I turned to my sister and yelled at her to call 911. She said, "No, its their choice to go.". I freaked out and went running around looking for a phone to call 911.

I came back to the table, and they were collapsed on the floor dying, and my sister was just watching it happen. I yelled something at her about how horrified I was that she could just sit there, and she looked at me without any expression on her face. The paramedics still hadn't arrived, and everyone on the floor looked dead and blue in the face. Then, my sister stood up, and started covering their faces with black cloths. It was like the cult suicide that involved Marshall Applewhite.

I woke up, feeling sick to my stomach. I'm not against assisted suicide at all, and my grandmother isn't even sick. My great-grandmother passed away 5 years ago. I don't know the meaning of this dream - it just disturbs me.