I had a night of violent dreams again.
  • I was an undercover cop at a high school trying to infiltrate a gang. A gun battle broke out, and I was caught in the middle of it. I noticed a 3 year old girl standing on the sidewalk, so I ran over to her, picked her up, and ran with her to safety. As I ran, bullets kept whizzing past me, but none of them hit me. I got into the school, ran into the office, and shut and locked the doors. I set her down on the ground, and she started crying. I pulled out my gun and watched the exits to see if someone was going to show up and try to get me.

    Nothing else happened after that, but the dream did shift.

  • I was at my mother's house, but it wasn't really her house. It was this weird 80's built house that was pretty big, but it was built in a suburban neighborhood of small ranch-style houses. My friend Lexi and I were out for a walk in the neighborhood. Lexi is a rather butch looking lesbian.

    We passed a house, and some redneck that resembles my boyfriend's next door neighbor came out to see what we were doing. We were just walking past. The guy starts yelling at us about sin and immorality. Lexi, being Lexi, yells back at him to shut his redneck mouth and leave us alone. The guy is enraged. He goes inside, opens his garage, and then he is standing right before us with a huge hunting knife in his hand saying that he's going to kill us. Just as suddenly, Lexi has a sword in her hand, and they begin sword fighting. Nobody wins, they just keep fighting.

    This guy has a redneck friend that comes out of the house, and starts yelling things at us. A neighbor drives up, and gets out of their car. Its a drag queen. Both rednecks are enraged, and run over and start stabbing him with knives. We watch this guy get totally cut up into shreds and left to die in his driveway. Lexi and I run off and hide in the shadows, and make our way back to my mother's house. We call the police, and watch out the window as the rednecks switch their house numbers with the house next door so they can avoid getting caught. The rednecks see us in the window, and come charging up to the house, banging on the door and yelling.

It was at this point that I woke up, and could not get back to sleep. I hate waking up too early.