9:31 PST - Merry Christmas!

I'm at work. Since I'm one of the newest people, I got to cover the help desk over Christmas. Since I work for a hospital system that uses a lot of computers, and hospitals never close, someone has to be here. Its okay though - I've already done the majority of my celebrating with my family this weekend. I've been here since 7 am, and we've only had one phone call. So, I've got my jukebox computer up louder than usual and I'm listening to Nine Inch Nails. I'll probably spend most of the day reading my new books that I received for Christmas or surfing the web. When I get off work at 3, I'm going out to dinner with my fiance and my mom.

Alex (my fiance) got sick yesterday, and so we didn't go to his mother's house as planned for Christmas Eve fun. We aren't sure if he has the flu or food poisoning, but since his muscles are hurting in his legs in addition to being queasy, we figure its the flu. He doesn't have a fever though, which is good. We spent most of yesterday napping together or cuddling on the couch watching movies. He kept telling me to go home and get away from him because he'd make me sick. I told him to quit being silly and that I wasn't leaving him alone on Christmas Eve. I went out for a movie, some chicken soup for him, and frozen pizza for me, and we had a nice night together except for him being sick.

Christmas was fun this year. I enjoyed my family's company for a change, which is a new and unusual feeling. I received some very nice gifts that will come in handy, like kitchen utensils and a toaster. Alex gave me a gift certificate for Andy and Bax (army surplus and camping stuff) so that I could get a new flight jacket as mine is all ratty and old. Alex also told me about the engagement ring he has on order at a jeweler. He had one custom-made for me. I was, and still am, very touched by that. He's so great!

I hope everyone has a peaceful and happy Christmas. I am very lucky to be so blessed this year, and I wish the same for everyone else.