I've felt worn out most of the day.

The post office makes me tired. I just go there to get my mail most of the time, but its still tiring. Long lines... confused people.. angry people. Its a time bomb waiting to go off in there. I had to wait in a short line to get my package. There was a little girl standing there waiting for her mother. She was probably about 4 or 5 years old. She was acting innocently lewd, squatting down and spreading her legs so everyone could see up her skirt in a pose one usually sees only in strip clubs. It was strange and I wanted to run up to her and tell her to close her legs, but I didn't.

I feel old.

I went to Fred Meyer and instantly regretted it as I tried to make my way through the aisles. It must have been senior discount day again, like it was the last time I was there. People blocking the aisles with carts, pausing for 15 minutes in front of the brown sugar. People hard of hearing who don't hear you saying "excuse me m'am" when you try to get past them. People standing in front of the cocoa staring dumbly at it and wondering which one is sugar-free. I was glad to leave and hope I don't have to go back until after the holidays.

I want to avoid all the stores, but it seems that I keep having to go back for something. This time the trip was mostly for plastic containers to put the dog biscuits in. I'm baking this week. I'm making cookies to take to my dad's house for Christmas and making dog biscuits to give as presents to my mother-in-law and sister. Everyone seems to have dogs except us. This is a good thing. My husband and I really can't stand dogs.

It gets dark so early in the winter. I wanted to do some things outside, but I can't see in the dark. I can't hold a flashlight and clean out my old car at the same time. It just doesn't work. Tomorrow I must call and get someone to haul away this old beast.

Tomorrow is the dentist... ick.

I want to try to write at least two nodes a day. At that rate, I can reach level 6 in 33.5 days. Its an easy goal I suppose, but one that I doubt I'll be able to keep up with. I guess we'll see.

I love this place. I'm looking forward to sending a gift to a noder I don't know and receiving one from someone else.