As expected, today basically sucked. Memo to Self – unplanned absences are bad. It’s not over yet – I’m just taking a brief breather to use up my votes and cools and attempt to relax.

There were 12 messages in my voice mail, and about 40 email requests to get through today. The majority of these customers wanted a phone call... and that was on Monday. Ugh. I’m sick of this refurbished crap. Its junk, total junk, and a waste of money.

So, I asked for some extra help, but I may not get it until tomorrow. Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to work with the stoner retard. Oh well. I’m quitting soon. Hell, I might quit before I leave today. I am not sure yet.

I will hear about how my interview yesterday went sometime next week. I might go ahead and quit anyway even though I don’t have any offers. Just the thought of turning in my resignation makes me giddy. It would be nice to have a little time off to focus on job hunting and such. I think cashing in part of my IRA is worth it. Screw the tax issues. I might not even need to cash in my IRA if I’m conservative with my money. With my last 2 paychecks, I can survive for a month, then the IRA money of about $1700 would last another 4-6 weeks.

Now I’m babbling and I should be working. Like you care about my job woes and my money problems.

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Today’s Horoscope on my Calendar - Rise at dawn and get cracking with important business. Commitments on paper are still under a cloud while Mercury opposes Neptune. Lightning bolts of inspiration strike this evening as Saturn enters Gemini for two months.

Not sure what this means. I think it means that I won’t be hearing about my interview for a while. I did come to work early today. Hmm. I think I might leave early too. Sneaking out sounds good right now.