A sort-of Good Day

This is the first node I've written from home in a while.

I had my job interview today at the company my dad works for. It was scheduled for 10am, so I asked to come in late and figured I'd be at work by 11:30 or noon at the latest. No dice. I had an official application to fill out, a test of my basic technical knowledge, a personality quiz, and an essay question about what I liked the most about my old jobs. Then, three interviews. Yes, THREE.

First, the human resources manager with general questions. Mostly general questions. The basics, such as what kind of experience do you have, how did you help an irrational customer, etc etc. Then, the manager of the support department and one of his assistants. Mostly tech stuff and some NT questions. By this time, it was 12:45. I called into work and said I wouldn't be in today. They didn't get too mad. Then, I interviewed with the director of the entire IT department. Mostly boring "why do you want to work here?" questions.

I think I did OK. I hope I did OK.

After all the interviews, I went out to lunch with my dad and talked about how it went. I think it went pretty well, but I guess time will tell. I expect to get a phone call in the next couple of days.

I came home and went to the laundromat to do laundry. It was hell today. All the stupid people were there with their equally stupid children. I narrowly avoided being knocked over by rolling laundry carts 5 times. I was about *this* close to yelling at them to shut up and sit down. I didn't. I show amazing self restraint sometimes.

Then I went off my diet and went to McDonalds. It is amazing how good french fries taste when they are forbidden. I watched some TV, and now I sit here trying not to stress and trying not to be depressed about the french fries I consumed. Ugh. I sound like an anorexic or something, which I am most definitely not.

It was nice to not be at work today. I know that it will be hell tomorrow since I'll have just that many more customers wanting me to call them. Fuck em all. I am still keeping my backup plan in my head in case I need it. I have to get O-U-T soon or else I will go high school. Snap crackle pop.

I have my appointment with the shrink in a couple of days. That should be interesting. He was giggling maniacally on the phone when I made the appointment. He also has a thick accent. I wonder what he'll prescribe me, and then I wonder if I'll actually take it or just wait until I'm at a new job to find another shrink.

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