Thank God it’s Friday.

I can’t take any more of this stupid job. It’s total bullshit. I am so sick of feeling like I’m going against my morals and personal opinions by supporting this garbage known as Compaq. This stuff is such crap that I’m ashamed of my company for selling it.

I found out from my dad that they got my resume at his company, along with a “boatload” of others. Great. So, there go my chances at escape. I guess I will have to keep looking, but I feel so discouraged lately. What’s the damned point? Ugh. If I could only win the lottery...

The good news is I’m not pregnant, for the umpteenth month in a ROW! WooHOO!

I feel sick from eating some shitty macaroni and cheese out of the vending machine. I hope that I can leave early. I simply don’t care if the customer gets tech support today because I feel like crap.

There has to be a way to get out of here for a few weeks. I wish I had the money to just quit this job. Just walk in here on Monday, hand them my resignation, clean out my desk, and go away forever.

Oh cute. I just got email telling me that I have to move to another desk for a week while they do work on the heating ducts over my head. Another desk all the freaking way across the building. Two hours notice. Man, this totally sucks. So, I am now packing up what I might need for the next week since this desk will be covered in plastic and construction workers.

Dumbest question asked of me today: “Does Australia have its own currency?” We hire some real brains here.

Blah. Lets hope that the weekend is good.

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Today’s Horoscope on my Calendar - Take advantage of a thaw in the celestial cold war. The harmony of the spheres reaches Earth and your creativity soars. You can make brilliant headway in almost any field of endeavor. Mother Nature beckons as the Moon joins Ceres.

Its all a bunch of tree huggin hippie crap.