Work is work and work is more work. Profound, eh?

Boring boring day. I called numerous people back, left messages, got bitchy with the technical support at Compaq, and ate a free Subway sandwich for lunch. I love saving sub stamps.

Right now I'm cooling my heels and killing off the last few minutes of the day by goofing off. I already went shopping online for bath products. I love and hate for this reason. Too much nifty stuff. I just signed up for their shipping club, so I guess I'm stuck buying lots of vitamins and lotion for a while. One can never have enough lotion!

I feel silly right now, but I think that's because I'm high on caffeine. I'm going to the gym right after I'm off work, so hopefully I'll be able to burn some nervous energy.

This lack of time at work to create nodes... well, quite frankly, it sucks. How dare they make me do work at work! The nerve! I would have made nodes last night, but I got into a wild HTML writing binge that would make your mouths drop. Maybe not that, but it was pretty wild for me. I had my guilty pleasure of watching Survivor, and then I wrote HTML for about three hours, interspersed with some graphic tweakage in Paint Shop Pro. Result - the basic structure of my domain is in place and now I will frantically fill it.

My sister is moving in with her boyfriend of 4 months that she met on AOL. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I think she might be rushing into something she shouldn't be, but she is 25 and its her life. I like her boyfriend though. He's pretty cool. I hope it works out.

Time to go home. TTFN.

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A shop-till-you-drop mentality can seize hold of many Rams. Be wary of overspending.