Monday, Crappy Monday

I’m writing this early since I need a break from the shite.

Taking Friday off was a bad idea I guess. I needed the time off, but I have so much work to do now. I had 14 voice mails from customers, 44 new requests for help, and 22 requests “in progress”. Ugh. What a big mess. I’ve been diligently working my way through it, as I do not want to leave a big mess for someone else. The fact of the matter is that if I don’t get some help or the new person doesn’t get some help, we’re going to have a big fucking mess and a bunch of angry customers.

Speaking of my replacement, nobody wants to commit to anything, so I’m at T minus 4 days left, and nobody to replace me yet. I have to train them or something. They are talking about opening the position up to the general public. Uh.. OK. They need someone a week from today, but they are going to open up the hiring to everyone in Portland. That makes TOTAL sense. This is one of the many reasons why I want to leave. They don’t know their heads from a hole in the ground.

My doctor put me on Wellbutrin to try for my depression. I’m not sure if its helping, but it is making me feel weird. When it takes effect, I feel like my forehead is numb. It makes me feel stoned for about 30 minutes, then it mellows out. Today it has made me super hyper. I feel like I’m talking a mile a minute and my sentences aren’t coming out right since I’m talking so fast. My thoughts are moving at the speed of light. Its almost like I’m on the verge of a panic attack, but my heart isn’t racing. I can’t sit still. I want to go outside and run around. I don’t feel depressed at the moment, but yesterday I felt sluggish and didn’t want to leave the house or take a shower. I watched TV and played Icewind Dale all day.

My doctor was competent, but his bedside manner was definitely lacking. I vaguely got the impression that he thought I was a fat cow. When he asked if I had a boyfriend, he made some odd comment about lesbians. Hrm. Well, he seems to know what he’s doing at least. He had me go to the hospital to get a blood test to make sure my depression isn’t thyroid related.

I haven’t heard about the job at my dad’s office yet, but I might hear from them tomorrow. I guess we’ll see. I sent all my info to the other company, but heard nothing from them. Two of my old friends from OSU are hiring for their IT departments at the moment, so I might have some contacts there. I hope so.

So, I’m going to attempt to get back to work although I can’t concentrate. I am so ready to be done with this job.

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Today’s Horoscope on my Calendar - Trying too hard to make things happen your way is a no-no. A Venus-Pluto face-off can materialize as romantic downturns and financial black holes. Think of ways to improve the life of your community under Aquarius moon.

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