You know another name for the Canadian Toonie? The American dollar.

I was working at my high school McJob the year these things came out. Some kid came in at five minutes to close and wanted to pay for his ice cream cone with a broken toonie. Hell yeah, I said, then promptly swapped that toonie for an intact one in my own pocket. I am now the proud owner of a separated toonie. I used to wear the outer half on a chain around my neck.

Apparently, the way to separate the outer, silver part from the inner golden part is to rapidly freeze and heat the coin, as the metals would, in theory, have different thermal expansion capacities. I've heard the use of liquid nitrogen and boiling water is a useful combination. However, the people telling me these things never got around to separating their toonies.

Even though having a two-dollar coin can be nifty at times, I still miss the old two-dollar bill. Orange money can't be beat.