My ADSL went down today for some inexplicable reason. My roommate, the tech-head in the house, has no idea what Tel-ASS is doing. It might have something to do with the fact that he called to question our latest bill, in which we were charged the ADSL fee, GST and PST not one, not two, but three times for June.

I have re-discovered the joys of dial-up. My computer has a 56K modem that I have not used since I bought it several months ago, but now, with the modem-that-came-with-the-Compaq and my parents' unlimited dial-in account, I am discovering that my modem is about the same speed as my ADSL.

I spent the day with Pseudo_Intellectual and Yam and various other people helping a friend's parents move furniture from their living room as they are about to renovate their living room. Our friend's sister is going into grade 11 next September and she is worrying about how many scholarships she can get for university in two years. She's so dedicated, I hope she won't burn out before she gets a chance to learn how much fun university is.