With the recent BC Transit strike in Vancouver, I've had to buy a car. We're on day 95 of the strike and it is getting more and more unpleasant to drive in this town. I commute every day from Kitsilano (in west Vancouver) to Simon Fraser University (on Burnaby Mountain), a 45 minute drive. Luckily, I am 'reverse-commuting', against the main flow of traffic. However, people are still driving like morons.

I wish I had a big programmable sign on my car, so I could tell people things instead of just thinking bad karma at them.

"Please stop riding my ass; this is a courtesy car and I don't mind slamming its brakes on."

"Your choice of music is not my taste, and your blaring it from your open-air jeep only irritates me and everyone around me."

"Hello, large truck. I am in this lane and am about to be crumpled into an accident if you continue to swerve into my lane."

"Your windows are transparent and everyone can see you picking your nose"

"I'm not wearing any pants."