As a person of the male persuasion with hair that ends right at the top of my ass I have a few suggestions, especially for men, on how to get and keep a healty set of long hair and not look too stupid in the process.

  1. If you are balding at all do not do this. Nothing looks worse than a long haired guy with thinning stuff on the top.
  2. Get your split ends clipped and your hair evened out about once every 2 months. Only about 1 cm of hair should need to be cut at a time and the spurt of growth afterwards will make your hair longer, faster. Additionally it will make your hair look nice and attractive and less like your a dirty hippie or wannabe hair metal guy.
  3. DO NOT STYLE YOUR HAIR!!!! This is especially about dieing it and blowdrying it. Over time these sorts of things end up damaging your hair. If you want some truely impressive locks this sort of damage is unnaceptable.
  4. Wash AND condition your hair with a decent shampoo and conditioner at least every other day if not every day. This will keep the hair manageable and styleable without having to resort to blowdrying, mousse or the dreaded gel. Do not go cheap. I personally use the "infusium 23" brand of shampoo and conditioner but anything but "suave" helps a lot.
  5. Tie your hair in a pony tail if you will be driveing with the top down or on a motercycle. If you get a bad enough knot you will have to cut it out. Most of the time this will require you to cut all the hair to that length and start over agian.

These are the major points for getting a healthy full set of hair. Personally my hair is thick enough by doing all of this that i can actually be pulled off the ground by it. I have had hair places offer me money on the spot for my hair so I know I am doing something right.