I just got Fight Club on DVD. A week ago. Since then, I have seen the movie every day for a week.

Do not do this unless you are looking for a serious mindfuck.

I saw the movie with the normal soundtrack, every commentary soundtrack, hell I even tried to watch it in French even though I don't speak it. I saw every deleted scene, every trailer, teaser, TV spot, the music video, behind the scenes stuff... And last night, I actually got pissed off at the sight of a car. I got pissed off at the yuppie who owned the late-model sporty little something-or-other... Got pissed off at conspicuous consumption, assholes with their nice neat flaming shit shoved into everyone's face, got pissed off at clothing designers, people who wear designer clothing, people who want you to see them with their cars, appliances, furniture, and all the other crap that movie spoke out against. Fortunately, I realized what was going on, and stopped short of keying the piece of crap.

I think I need to lie down. Watch some Monty Python, read a book, listen to a little Eno... and get somebody to stop me before I kill a yuppie.

Edit (much, much, much later): Oh, and it was a $100 DVD drive in a $1000 computer. I don't remember how much the DVD was. Not that it matters.