Back a good few years ago there was a little 24 hour burger joint, a converted caravan, that stood in a patch of waste ground near a busy road just off where I lived.

We called the place Turbo Burger due to the speed at which the food tended to pass through your body. You got the distinct impression your guts got hold of it, tried to convert it into something usable, gave the idea up as a bad joke and flushed it out ASAP.

One of the specialities of the house was the cheeseburger. It consisted of the kind of burgers you get out the cheapest kind of frozen food store. You know the kind of thing, generic assaults on good taste. The trick with this burger was that it actually had cheese inside the meat. A kind of sandwich of two slices of reconstituted animal parts glued together around a cheese slice. It was the complete cheeseburger with no additions required. For extra taste the guys serving would put another cheese slice on the top of the affair before slamming it into the bun. If you didn't want that extra slice of cheddar glue then you asked them to leave it out, for which the phrase 'Cheeseburger, hold the cheese' was used.