Slang term for a piece of folded paper used to hold one form or another of powdered drugs.

The paper is normally folded in such a way as to ensure that none of the powder contained within will fall out.

Start with a square of paper around 3 inches in length. Fold diagonally, fold the two corners along the initial fold in on each other such that they overlap evenly. This should form a rectangular shape at the bottom with the top corner of the triangle above it. Fold the top corner over this rectangle, leaving just a small triangle sticking out. You now have an envelope shape. Take the overlapping top corner, folding it in half, placing the top of the corner into the folds formed by the overlapping first two corners. Flatten and tighten.

The end result is a small rectangle that should not fall apart easily.

At least, that's how I'm told it's done.